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WACOM features Sarajean Chung (aka TheOneWithBear)

in five unbeatable videos on CLIP STUDIO PAINT.   Really.  These are the best I've ever seen. 

This one introduces us to some time saving tricks for close and fill that I never even imagined until I saw this video.

Here is the best tutorial on the basics of 3D modeling in CSP ever.

You cannot beat her video on using the Perspective Ruler.  (Really, if you find a better one, I wanna see it.  I love tutorials.)

And lastly -- The Magic of Vectors #1  and  Magic of Vectors #2

Wow!  There is another one!  On how to customize your brushes! 


Viciaia on Youtube came up with a FANTASTIC trick to create better cross-hatch!  Check out all of her videos on CSP.

Here's one on Animating Hair in Clip Studio Paint.


Kendrys Draws on Youtube talks about why Gradient Maps are the next big thing in digital coloring.

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