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Hidys and Hello! And a great big welcome to the home page of creator, Teri S. Wood

This summer -- June 15th 2016 -- Dover Publications will be collecting my entire, critically-acclaimed, comic book series, WANDERING STAR, into a great, big, beautiful, hard-back book.

Inside, you will find a forward by the magnificent, Maggie Thompson of The Comic’s Buyer’s Guide, and an afterword by the amazing Carla Speed McNeil, creator of the FINDER series. And if that’s not enough to make you run out and find it, I have also taken the time to retouch many of the interior pages, fixing small art and text errors, and bringing the story closer to my original vision. (See example.)

But wait! There’s more!

(Sorry, I know that’s so cliche, but I just had to.)

This Dover publication will also feature a 32 page, color insert, collecting all of the covers, plus paintings, and reproductions of some of the original, limited-edition prints, colored just for this book. Woo! I am so excited!

To celebrate the publication of the WANDERING STAR Omnibus, I have revamped my site, and included a special, Wandering Star section, featuring the very rare, 80’s decade, small press books, a “Making Of” page, fan art, and other fun stuff. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

In the meanwhile, keep an eye out for the WANDERING STAR Omnibus in your distributor catalog, your local bookstore, or on Amazon.com!

Yours Very Truly,

Teri S. Wood

 (Teresa "The Resa" Challender)

Contact: terisuewood  at  gmail dot com (note: email has changed.  Though the old one will work until Jan 2018)